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Plain Speaking from Molly Wingate

Authored by: Molly Wingate

Plain Speaking – An Archive of Blogs

For most of 2017, I regularly published a blog, “Plain Speaking,” as part of the website and organization known as Patheos.com. The idea was for me to talk about the world from a Quaker, feminist perspective. I was honored to be included, and I worked as hard as I could to engage a larger and larger audience.  You see, this blog might have been some income had it attracted enough clicks. But it didn’t, and Spirit had a few other things for me to do.

In a conversation a while after I quit writing new blogs, Mary Klein offered to archive my blogs at WesternFriend.org.  Again, I was honored, and I put it on the short list of things to do when I stepped down from being the clerk of Intermountain Yearly Meeting in June 2019.  Of course, it took longer than I thought it would, but here are the blogs, organized by topic areas.

Thank you for taking the time to look at them. I hope you get a belly laugh.


Women and Gender Issues

Elise Boulding

Lucretia Mott

Mary Fisher

Male Female Quaker

My Son's Feminism

Family and Home

Spank or No?

Bumpersticker Politics

William Stafford Poem

Parenting for Nonviolence

Question Authority

A Fair Fight

A Quaker Christmas

Lessons from Wildlife

Throwback Thursday

Society and Politics

Talking about Guns

Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Gun Control


Racism in America

Health Care Debacle

Presidential Candidates


Our Next President

Friends Central School and Palestine, 1

Friends Central School and Palestine, 2

Walking Along My Path

Living in the Light

My Ancestors and Slavery

Black Friday Alternatives

Homeless Youth


Pacifism and Courage

The Speed of God

Quit Worrying about Outcomes

Expressions of Pacifism


Keeping One's Temper

Gaza Poem

Farewell, Year

About Quaker Practice, in Particular

Five Surprises about Quakers

The Quaker PR Problem

Quaker Indian Schools

Hearing Divine Guidance

Listening for Divine Guidance

It's a Quaker

Reclaiming My Time

HS and older
Editorial / Commentary
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Community , Spiritual Deepening