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Western Friend is the official publication of Quakers in Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.
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A person can be nice to someone in order to cheat them, but they cannot be kind to them to cheat them; that would not be kind. When Micah taught, “Do justice; love kindness; walk humbly with your God,” the lesson was not to love persons, but to love an attitude towards persons. An attitude that... Read more.

We are two Quaker women who raised our families in towns dominated by the U.S. military. Rather than shun the military and look away, we have lived our witness amidst strong military presences. One thing about being in a military town is that you can’t look away from how big a machine the... Read more.


Schools don’t have graveyards. At least, that is what many believed until some gruesome recent discoveries.

Last year, Native tribes and government officials uncovered the bodies of more than 1,000 children on the grounds of former Indian boarding schools in Canada. As more bodies are... Read more.

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