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Western Friend is the official publication of Quakers in Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.
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A thrill is in the air when a storm is on the way. Some creatures run and shout and seek the highest vantage point. Others look for the nearest root cellar. Reckless versus responsible, selfless versus selfish – any reaction to danger can be seen in various lights. Some good neighbors rush to... Read more.


I didn’t want to join the committee. As a “released Friend,” my role is to follow the leadings of my music ministry out in the world, freed from responsibility for the business of Multnomah Monthly Meeting. But I have found myself reckoning lately with a firehose of Spirit blasting a message... Read more.

I help people get abortions. 

For me, this is not controversial work. Or tortured work. Or even particularly charitable work. It is spiritual work.

My work with people seeking abortion care is inextricably linked with my spiritual core, which seeks, always, to see... Read more.

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