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Growth Versus Preservation Dear Editor: Thank you to Bettina Raphael and Western Friend for the worthy tribute to the life and legacy of Olive Rush (March/April 2020).

Issue: On Secrets (July 2020)

Air Travel Dear Editor: I observe faithful Quakers often desire to travel to far countries by jet to follow their leadings. Surely there is merit in this, but how does that merit weigh against the harm to our atmosphere caused by jet emissions? Air travel harms our Earth, and jet emissions will contribute to the destruction of this world, which is not ours to harm. Please be mindful in the accomplishment of leadings. Look at transportation alternatives. Work locally or remotely if possible. Finally, if you must fly, here are tips to reduce the impacts: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/27/climate/airplane-pollution-global-warming.html

Issue: On Water (March 2019)

If Animals Could Talk When I was a child I loved the cuddliness and innocence of animals, and I wished they could talk. A grownup and activist now, I look for ways to use art to awaken our empathy with the natural world and to increase our climate-change consciousness. As an artist and writer, I know what fun it can be to combine pictures and text. So when my Friends Meeting in Santa Cruz put out a call for adults to share their skills with children in the First Day School, I offered a project called “If Animals Could Talk.”  

Issue: On Consumption (May 2013)

Stories of Spiritual Healing (review)

Kwang-Hee Park is an adjunct professor, chaplain, healer, and counselor. She is a Christocentric Quaker. In her professional work, she listens to people tell their stories.

Issue: On Seeds (November 2023)

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