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A Small Church with a Big Heart Dear Friends: Klamath Falls (Oregon) Friends Church is a big supporter of Friendly Water for the World. Beginning in 2015, they have been supporting three community groups who have ensured clean water for some 60,000 people and have become entirely self-sufficient in the process. The three groups are now among the largest philanthropists in eastern Rwanda, providing food for the hungry, health insurance, shoes, and books for children entering school. The members of the three groups work four days a week on clean water efforts; on the fifth day they work in sewing and in traditional crafts, such as basket weaving.

On Home (September 2017)

Poems from Before the Monsoon The Bellagio casino glimmers above a round blue lake. Outside the Tropicana waterfalls pour over fake rocks.

On Water (March 2019)

Spring Service Learning Camp Dear Friends, especially Friends ages 12-18: You are invited to attend our Spring Youth Service Learning Camp at Quaker Oaks Farm in Visalia, CA, from April 10-14, 2017 (Monday – Friday). Come explore and learn about the Land, Water, and Indigenous People of Pa’an. We will trace the source of our water upstream and consider how we can all be Water Protectors. We will work together to plant Pollinator Habitat to restore the Earth. We will share our histories, and we will love one another across seeming divides – all through fun, interactive activities. For more information, see: https://quakeroaksfarm.org.

On Insight (March 2017)

The Miracle of Friendly Water Generally, when an airline cancels a flight, travelers feel frustrated.  For Del and Suzanne Livingston, however, a canceled flight in Mexico led them to a new calling. The nonprofit they helped establish – Friendly Waters for the World – operates primarily in Africa, bringing clean drinking water to over 40,000 people, along with much-needed jobs and money for families to pay school fees.

On Production (May 2014)