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Eleanor Dart


What I’ve Been Trying to Say I believe that we may – likely do – have new Friends, especially young Friends and Friends who live isolated or far away, schooled by the pandemic years, who have never attended a Quaker meeting for worship in person, but only online. Rather than simply rejoice that they found us at all, we need to invite such newcomers to attend meeting for worship somewhere, sometime, in person.

Issue: On Loss (May 2023)

Quaker Worship and Intentional Design The best college class I ever took was called “Design” and was offered by the Art Department at the University of Oregon during the summer of 1967. There were two sections. One section had a textbook, and studied things like color theory and perspective. By some lucky chance I ended up in the other section, taught by Dr. Stannard, a gifted artist and potter of worldwide renown.

Issue: On Rules (November 2020)

Poems from Before the Monsoon The Bellagio casino glimmers above a round blue lake. Outside the Tropicana waterfalls pour over fake rocks.

Issue: On Water (March 2019)

Return to the Farm Eleanor Dart is an author and psychotherapist and a lifelong Quaker. She is a member of Pima Friends Meeting in Tucson, AZ (IMYM).

Issue: On Home (September 2017)

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