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Spiritual Deepening Resources

Published: May 1, 2020


Quaker worship and fellowship online

Quakerspeak - Videos as a way to go deeper spiritually, including Quaker 101

FGC - Spiritual Deepening Exercises And Examples

Quaker Eldering and Quaker Meeting - Elders Role In Spiritual Deepening

PhilYM - Spiritual Deepening Via Partnering Or Spiritual Friendship Group

Quaker Books as a way of spiritual deepening in general

Quaker Books - The Gift Of Spiritual Deepening

Quaker Cloud - Spiritual Deepening Resources For Children

Quakers Religious Education Collaborative - Spiritual Deepening For Children

Quaker Earthcare Witness And Spiritual Deepening

FGC Spiritual E Retreats to go deeper spiritually

Quaker Retreat Center; Ben Lomand

Quaker Pendle Hill Spiritual Deepening Resources, Retreats, more

Spiritual deepening by finding out more about all things related to Quakers

Quaker History Of Sufferings And Persecutions As Way To Go Deeper Spiritually

What People Really Want from Church and Quaker Meeting

Transformational Justice Via Natural Law, Mysteries Project - Transformation - Experiential Learning - Growing Awareness - Expanding Consciousness - Spiritual Deepening - The Mystery

The Unitive Self - A Philosophy Of The Self By Daniel Clark


from Eric Straatsma, Tacoma Friends Meeting (4/27/2020)