Quaker Worship and Fellowship Online


ONLINE WORSHIP - Lots of options, listed alphabetically!

Join Friends across the world through many different online formats.


Ben Lomond Quaker Center

Daily online worship hosted by a Northern California Quaker center which also hosts residential retreats and conferences.

Times of worship:  Daily at 7:30-8:00 AM Pacific Time
Worship site


Global Meeting for Worship

Weekly online lunch-hour worship hosted by Western Friend. Sign in as a "guest," using your own name. Arrive when you can; depart when you must.

Times of worship:  Wednesdays from 10:00 to 11:00 AM Pacific Time
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Meditation Chapel

An online resource to support groups of all faith traditions in offering and sharing the contemplative experience with others.

Time of worship:  Variable, publicized on a calendar at the site
Calendar for Chapel


The Online Meeting for Worship

A place on the internet for Friends and Seekers to experiment with ways of Quaker worship.

Time of worship:  On-going, synchronous, by agreement with others
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Weekly Online Worship, Pacific Yearly Meeting

Ongoing online meeting for worship with attention to the spiritual wellness of Pacific Yearly Meeting

Time of worship:  Wednesdays, 7:00-7:30 PM Pacific Time
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Pendle Hill

A Quaker study, retreat, and conference center in Pennsylvania, offering live-streaming lectures and presentations on topics that are of spiritual interest.

Time of lectures:  Live  as scheduled, video recordings available on demand
Lecture site


Quaker Faith and Fellowship

A community with the mission of offering Friends and Seekers the possibility to share spirituality 24/7 and across international and cultural borders.

Time of fellowship:  Ongoing, asynchronous, registration required
Fellowship site


Quaker Blogs

An extensive listing of Quaker blogs maintained by Susie from Umpqua Valley Worship Group.

Time of publication:  Ongoing, asynchronous
Publication site



A community of Friends and Seekers exploring the Quaker Way in today’s world: podcasts, forums, blogs, photos, videos & gatherings.

Time of fellowship:  Ongoing, asynchronous
Fellowship site


Quaker Universalist Conversations

Blog of Quaker Universalist Fellowship.

Time of publication:  Ongoing, asynchronous
Publication site


Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

Study center in England that offers short residential courses -- as well as online courses and forums -- on personal spiritual growth, theology, creative arts, and training for Quaker roles.

Time of classes:  By arrangement, registration required
Catalog of online courses