Meeting for Worship for Ukraine


Dear Friends,

This daily Meeting for Worship is sponsored by Friends House Moscow, a small Quaker non-profit living out Friends' testimonies in service to the people of Russia, Ukraine and beyond. We invite you to join other Friends holding in the Light all the people affected by the current crisis in Ukraine.

The room opens at 8:45am Pacific time in the US; if you are familiar with security and other co-hosting functions, consider arriving at 8:45 and volunteering to co-host.

9:00AM Pacific = 10AM Mountain
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Meeting ID: 416 500 5614
Passcode: 182805

We will allow the first 10 minutes for centering in silence and the last 10 minutes also in silence to let the messages settle in our hearts. The host will mute everyone at the beginning of Worship.  Sink deeply into the Spirit which is not of this world and let ministry rise from that spirit to give us guidance and light.  Raise your digital hand if you have ministry to offer and wait patiently to be asked to unmute yourself to speak. A co-host will also be scanning for those who must raise a human hand or use chat to request to speak.

We will leave a cushion of silence between messages, giving everyone a chance to fully absorb the message and return to centering in the Spirit.

During Worship use the chat only for contacting the host if you are having technical difficulties or notice something that does not seem right.   If you are new to Quaker unprogrammed worship and wish to talk with someone about it, send a message to the host and someone can join you in a breakout room.

Live transcription will be available for those with hearing difficulties.  Some other functions will be disabled during the meeting in order to discourage disruptions.

After Worship has concluded, you will be invited to a breakout room where you can introduce yourself to a small number of Friends and share thoughts that did not rise to the level of ministry.

Peace in our hearts, Peace for all the people,

from Julie Harlow, Friends House Moscow Board (2/25/2022)

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