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Rejoice in the Woods

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt
On Loss (May 2023)
Inward Light


Sometimes it is
the disappointments
that form the spaces
for life to grow.
As lakes dry and
drain away,
soaking into the earth,
tall grasses turn to
the red bark of trees
and a forest begins to form.
Perhaps the lake
needed to be there
to create the space
and when emptied,
the Queen of Creation
had a fresh canvas
on which to paint
her verdant leaves and violet flowers,
burrows for the black squirrels
and perches
for the woodpeckers
with crimson breasts
drumming their notes
into the wood.
Do not grieve so long
on the lake’s ancient shore
but walk among the evergreens,
wrapping your arms around
the lichen-covered trunks
and breathe in
the life-giving air
only these trees
in this space
can give.

Sarah Katreen Hoggatt is a writer, poet, workshop leader, and spiritual director whose work is described at sarahkatreenhoggatt.com. She is an independent member of Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends.


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