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Living Cello

Robin Keeler
On Loss (May 2023)
Inward Light


Come in close Lord and
Please kiss this wondrous instrument
That saved my life.
Did you know,
My parents when I was nine
Asked me to learn the cello.
Of course you knew all of this,
How I needed a curvy cello between my knees
To touch and caress and
To bring forth her voice
That dumbly lamented through me
The untimely deaths of my parents as
I dragged my feet towards manhood.
She became a connector to You and to others.
I developed the courage
to make music with her
and to tune her,
Which I thought of as tuning myself.
To play her,
Which was my coming into my creative muse,
Now as I bow her,
I am settling down into a place where you
swallow me whole.
deep feelings begin to come forth that overwhelm me
With tenderness for You.

          – 8/6/2020

Robin Keeler is a member of Live Oak Friends Meeting in Salinas, California (PacYM).


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