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That’s What Guns Are For

Bill Warner
On Garbage (November 2017)
Inward Light


You kill, they call it murder, friend,
Unless it’s in a war.
OK to shoot a stranger then
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
Put on that red vest, Bubba!
Stop by the liquor store.
Let’s drink some beer and kill some deer
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
Our boys in blue defending you
Hey, he’s just robbed that store!
That kid is running! Shoot him down!
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
A burglar’s stealing your TV,
He’s halfway out the door.
OK to shoot him in the back,
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
Some guy offends you in a bar
And you can’t take no more,
Don’t punch him out, just shoot him down,
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
Child finds Dad’s loaded pillow gun
A bang! A scream! The gore . . .
An accident, he shot his friend,
‘Case that’s what guns are for.
The colors that kid’s wearing
Are not our gang’s, for sure.
Drive by and blow his head off,
‘Cause that’s what guns are for.
We love love our guns, we need them,
All kinds, large or small bore.
For fun and for protection,
Ain’t that what guns are for?

Bill Warner is an attender at Visalia Friends Meeting (PYM), where he does magic, plays old songs, and coaxes Frends to sing at the end of worship once a month.

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