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John Pixley
On Freedom (January 2022)
Inward Light


Oh, great creator,
who is in and around all of us,
rejoicing in the life you so wondrously made;
oh, lover of life and love, all love,
who celebrates all that is good and joyous,
who dances and sings along with us;
your name is praised throughout.

You reside in and among us
and above all.
May it be that all that we do,
all that is here
delights and pleases you.
May it be. 

Feed us, nourish us,
fill us
with light and love,
the courage to go on. 

And free us
from what drags us down,
free us
from what is not good
and causes us to hurt one another. 

And free us
to see and to know
that the light,
which shines from you,
shall always overcome the dark. 

John Pixley is a severely disabled, gay man concerned about how queer people have been alienated from many Christian churches. He is a member of Claremont Friends Meeting (PacYM).


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