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Mystery, Opening

Don Sands
On Expansion (May 2018)
Inward Light
It’s All A Mystery
I look around
It’s all confusion
different stories from all directions
what can anyone believe
turning in circles
dizzy and lost in a fog
I can never see through it
to the truth that is just on the other side
can anyone tell me what is what
can anyone just tell me
what the real truth is
one story leads one direction
another story the other way
they all want you to believe
that what they tell you
is what is really real
am I to believe the one on the right
or should I believe the one on the left
I never know what way to turn
Is there anyone who can help me
see through the darkness that hides
what I am trying to see
someone to hold just one little candle
to light the way though darkness
and show me the way
the one path that I should follow
on my way through this life


Opening My Eyes
Why is it that I have been blind for most of my life
never seeing what was before me
all the important things I should have seen
all of the beauty before me
the people I should have seen
the ones I could have helped
the ones that I even could have loved
the knowledge in the books I never saw
the wisdom in the people I should have seen
even the paths I should have followed
why is it that I only see them now
at almost the end of my life   
without the vigor of my youth
without the strength
to make what I see real
blind so many years
only now can I open my eyes 
and do what I can with the time I have left
a final chance to walk the world
Finally seeing the real me inside
doing what I can do
and being who I really am
now at last


Don Sands is a longtime Friend who shares words of poetry that come from a force greater than himself. Sacramento Friends Meeting (PYM) is his spiritual home, even when he doesn’t attend worship often.

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