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Approved! (review)

Iris Graville
On Captivity (January 2018)
A Story About Quaker Meeting for Business
Written by Nancy L. Haines
Illustrated by Anne E.G. Nydam
Reviewed by Iris Graville

This delightful book by Nancy L. Haines, with illustrations by Anne E.G. Nydam, would be a good addition to any Friends Meeting library. Drawing on the experience of Wellesley Meeting with junior meeting for business, the slim volume offers clear information about Quaker decision-making.

The two-page glossary of terms – including: clerk, consensus, queries, minute, seasoning, and unity – defines vocabulary common to business meeting. Half a dozen queries offer a framework for children to consider their own responsibilities during meeting for business. Friends can modify the queries to make them even even stronger by encouraging more sharing than simple “yes” or “no” answers.

Approved! is suited to younger, school-age children. Older children likely could read it to newcomers who are inexperienced with Quaker process. For meetings that offer multigenerational meetings, this book would be a valuable resource for all ages to learn about Quaker meeting for business. ~~~

Iris Graville is a member of Lopez Island Meeting in Washington (NPYM).

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