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Friends Bulletin - April 2003

Table of Contents

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From the Editor: Faithful Friends and Faithful Attenders Anthony Manousos 2
Not Worthiness but Willingness: What Does it Mean to Join the Religious Society of Friends? Janet Leslie 3
Membership: A Dialogue Between Friends Robert Griswold 4
Queries on Membership John MacKinney 6
Quaker Meeting Through the Eyes of a Visitor 7
Discerning the Way of God Through Quaker Process 7
How to Become an Inspired Clerk Jon Prescott 9
Hidden in Plain View: Story of a Peace Quilt Cornelius Steelink 10
Directory of Western Quaker Meetings and Worship Groups 11
Intermountain YM Needs Your Help and Support Eleanor Dart 15
Utah Friends Fellowship 15
American Friends Serving Committee: Focusing New Light-Not just Reflecting Past Glory "LJ" Lanny Jay 16
Friends General Conference: Serving the Needs of Unprogrammed Friends 17
A Quaker Translation of the Tao teh Ching? (Book Review) Anthony Manousos 19
Letting that Go – Keeping This: The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Fritz Eichenberg (Book Review) Lincoln Moses 19
Escavating Jesus: Beneath the Stones "LJ" Lanny Jay 20
Memorial Minutes 20
Classifieds 21