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Friends Bulletin - April 1995

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Table of Contents

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Intermountain Yearly Meeting: Living the Community of Faith-2 yr program 101
Editorial Comments Nancy M. Yarnall 102
All About Anger: A Survey Ned Damon 102
Table of Contents 103
Calendar 103
Quakers and Conflict Jonathan Taylor 104
Become an Agent for Social Change Peter Bergel 109
A Spiritual Journey or a Pilgrimage of Faith? 110
George Fox in Colonial America Jim Boone 110
Retreat Reflections: Ritual Among Friends Ramona K. Silipo 111
Friends General Conference Hymnal Report Anne Friend 111
Friendly News 112
New Mexico Regional Elizabeth Buckley 112
Colorado Regional Randy Herrick-Stare 112
Winter MGOF Maria Arrington 113
Willamette Quarterly 113
Memorial Minutes 114
Advertisements 115
Vital Statistics 115
Call to Meeting-IMYM 1995 116