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Hybrid and/or Embodied Worship (3) [This letter was abridged from a longer original, which you can find at: https://westernfriend.org/letters-marchapril-2022]

Issue: On Alternatives (March 2022)

We Are All One Like many Quakers, my beliefs and responses to the world have been challenged by the political chaos of recent years. It is hard for me to see children separated from their parents, public wilderness areas sacrificed to corporate interests, and the dearth of compassion or humane feelings shown by many politicians and bureaucrats. I have found myself being pulled into adversarial attitudes that I know I do not believe in.

Issue: On Separation (November 2019)

The Weapons We Carry (abridged) The following note was excerpted from a longer message. The original is published here in Western Friend’s online library.

Issue: On Weapons (January 2019)

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