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Pay Vaccines Forward with COVAX Have you received your first COVID shot?  Have you been fully vaccinated? It is a nice feeling to be more protected from this disease.  

Issue: On Debt (July 2021)

Epistle on Immigration Epistle on Immigration from Amigas del Señor Monastary, May 22, 2018

Issue: On Bosses (July 2018)

Refrigeration Dear Editor: I am so delighted that Western Friend published the 2017 IMYM keynote talk on finances (September/October 2017). Financial management is a spiritual practice, at least as taught by my teacher, Jesus of Nazareth. Citizens of the United States are profligate wasters of world resources. One of the reasons for this is rank ignorance.

Issue: On Music (March 2018)

Family Planning Dear Editor: When I saw Friend Richard Grossman’s letter to the editor on reproduction (Nov-Dec 2014), my heart leapt for joy. I am a contemplative Methodist-Quaker nun living on the north coast of Honduras, and I volunteer once a week at the Public Health Clinic in Limón, Colón. My experiences as a pediatrician are typical of any part-time health care provider in rural Honduras.

Issue: On Reconciliation (January 2015)

Actions for Honduras Dear Editor:  Friends want to know what to do about violence in Central America. I have lived in Honduras long enough to make some recommendations. Friends can ask the President and Congress to close the School of the Americas, to support House bill HR2989, to stop foreign “aid” that contributes to violence, and to support foreign aid that is positive. Here are some parts of a letter that I just sent to President Obama:

Issue: On Family (September 2014)


Amigas del Señor Monastery
Book Cover - Amigas del Señor

From friends of Western Friend: Edited by Rosalie Grafe of Quaker Abbey Press. Beth Blodgett (Sister Alegria) and Prairie Naoma Cutting (Sister Confianza) establish a Protestant monastery near the northern …

Giving Up Something Good for Something Better
Book Cover - Giving Up for Something Better

From friends of Western Friend: In this chronicle of the development of Amigas del Señor Monastery in rural Honduras, Sisters Alegría and Confianza tell of the joys, struggles, and adventures …

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