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Larry Spears


Pandemic Bonds Dear Friends: I encourage you to become familiar with the emergence of Pandemic Bonds. Similar to government bonds for state and local infrastructure development, Pandemic Bonds are vehicles for investing in structures of global preparation for outbreaks of diseases like ebola or SARS. These bonds are not yet offered publicly to small investors, but they could be. I think Quaker leadership could be important here, and Western Friends might help provide it. Friends could advocate for the extension of Pandemic Bonds to the market for small investors, nonprofit organizations, pension funds, and foundations. To learn more, see: https://universalistfriends.org/weblog/quaker-bonds

Issue: On Music (March 2018)

Friendly Advertisements Dear Friends: Advertisers in Western Friend need your reader support. They pay for ads to support Western Friend and to bring opportunities to your attention.

Issue: On Limits (May 2016)