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Edward W. Wood Jr.


Words: The Saving Grace I reached maturity in a time when words were worth a death. Born in the 1920s, raised in the 1930s, I turned eighteen in 1942. As a young man, I knew, by the words Hitler used, that the Nazis represented a force that must be halted. The words describing horrors I could scarcely imagine evoked other words in opposition, words wedded to the deep meaning of the word justice my mother had so carefully taught me, sprung from her study of the New Testament. My mother’s abiding faith in justice, linked to the words of “freedom” and “liberation,” sent shivers over my flesh.

Issue: On Words (November 2021)

On Quakers and Guns (abridged) The following note was excerpted from a longer message. The original is published here in Western Friend’s online library.

Issue: On Weapons (January 2019)

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