Worshipping at a Distance


We have closed down our Meeting House and all our gatherings because of the coronavirus, but we are trying to keep alive our sense that we are a "beloved community" despite distancing. We have suggested folks sit in silence in their own homes at the same time we usually hold Silent Worship, and then we share after-thoughts, messages and joys & concerns, which we circulate by email. We are still making meals for the homeless with younger members of our Meeting doing the delivering and serving. We are considering taking our mid-week yoga/movement class called "Embodying the Light" online so that Meeting members and attenders can join in virtually. We are also encouraging each other to "meet" for wine or supper over facetime or by skype. And all the while we are responding to needs of individual Meeting folks that might arise. Ironically, all this activity is making us feel more connected than ever!

from Wendy Swallow, Reno Friends Meeting (3/16/2020)