Woolman Seeks Campers and Counselors


Good morning, Friends. In the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, we say, “Good morning,” to one another at all times of the day. This reminds us of how inspiration is continually dawning in the present moment.

Woolman Summer Camp needs help finding caring and enthusiastic people to apply as our camp counselors. We are advertising and reaching out to Friends all over; friendly referrals and recommendations are how we find the best people to staff camp! Please consider anyone who might be a good fit for camp, and have them reach out to me.

Click here for more information about serving as camp staff.

And . . . a cause for celebration: We have reached halfway capacity for our camper registrations! 64 slots have been filled and 61 are remaining. I am especially joyful that Teen Leadership Camp will be filled by the end of the month. We’ve got a lot planned for the teens and the Wombats to make this summer an unforgettable one. I encourage you to talk up camp to anyone you feel inclined to, as the power of the word is mighty indeed.

Click her for more information for potential campers.

Finally, one further consideration is around our Campership fund. Please consider donating to this fund to help keep Camp Woolman affordable for everyone.

Click here for more information about donations.

Thank you for your practice, your patience, and your perseverance.

Raen Thornberry,Camp Director, Raent[at]Woolman[dot]org