White Privilege Conference 2022


We are excited to share our FGC pre-registration form for the White Privilege Conference 2022. As you may know, FGC has supported Friends to attend this conference for over ten years, and we are excited to gather Friends once again for this conference. We have often had a large attendance of Friends at the conference, providing another level of community that has enriched the conference for many. The conference is open to both Friends of Color and white Friends.

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Click here to pre-register for FGC group attendance at the White Privilege Conference.
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Remember that the pre-registration form does not automatically register you for the conference.

We will send out our regular discount registration code via email upon receipt of registration. Because this is being done manually, please allow for a response within one business day. Please know that we only provide discount codes to Quakers or Quaker-organization-affiliated attendees.

from Vanessa Julye and Linnea Halsten, Friends General Conference (to be 3/9-3/12/2022)