Where No “Humanitarian Corridors” Exist


I am most concerned about the 200,000 Roma people in Ukraine, who are denied aid by virtually everyone (including the major aid agencies), and whose community is very poor. They are the “last man, last woman” in Ukraine.

Several Roma friends pointed me in this direction.

Click here to support Roma children and youth in Ukraine.

I would point out that the need is much, much, MUCH greater in Yemen, where U.S. made bombs, airplanes, sanctions, etc. have so far resulted in at least 377.000 deaths, more than 60% of them children. More than 530 hospitals and clinics have been destroyed by U.S. weaponry. There are no “humanitarian corridors”, no country accepting Yemeni refugees. Perhaps we should start by providing assistance where WE are responsible? Or is the problem (as usual) that they are Brown people?

Click here to support people in Yemen.


          – David Albert, Olympia Friends Meeting (4/9/2022)