A Western Friend in Luxembourg


Dear Editor,

I was born in San Francisco in May 1939 and grew up there in the 1940s and 1950s in the Sea Cliff District. I was successful in the Irish conservative Roman Catholic Church of the time, attending Notre Dame des Victoires, St. Monica's, St. Ignatius High, and Santa Clara University "down the Peninsula," as a San Franciscan would say. Whenever we drove by a lovely brick house on Lake Street near our home, someone would whisper, “That's the Quaker House,” as if it were some kind of secret protestant sect, which was forbidden for me to explore in those years.

Now, I have been serving for too long as newsletter editor for Belgium and Luxemburg Yearly Meeting (BLYM) (the nominations committee claims that they can't find a replacement). I have been producing this newsletter for the past five years, two years more than Britain Yearly Meeting's Quaker Faith and Practice suggests should be the term limits of any service role. I believe in those guidelines. As a former international corporate Human Resources executive, I know how damaging to the health and growth of an organization it can be when someone stays in their role beyond such guidelines. We are all on Creation's earth temporarily, called to add our unique creative part to Creation, then giving way to others, much as the seasons change.

Attached is the latest issue of the Belgium and Luxemburg Yearly Meeting (BLYM) newsletter as well as Interviews of 21 Quakers for the 21st Century, which I published over time as editor of the BLYM Newsletter.

Finally, also attached is the latest report from the Quaker Council on European Affairs (QCEA). Please hold both BLYM and QCEA in the Light. Both are suffering and facing challenges. You can read about the QCEA challenges in the attachment. I use the Serenity Prayer attributed to Marcus Aurelius and Reinhold Niebuhr – and used by a well know spiritual recovery program – to accept these things and not try to “fix” them.

Best wishes to you for 2022.

from Daniel Flynn, Belgium and Luxembourg Yearly Meeting (1/12/2022)