Ten Years of Friendly Water



This year marks the passage of the 10th anniversary of Friendly Water for the World. It’s been a subdued celebration as so many people continue to suffer through a difficult year. But we are needed more than ever. And we continue because of you; supporters and local partners and communities who believe in each other, hope, and good work. To honor both the past that made us and the new future we are creating together, this year we are launching a new website. Our website is a way for us to tell our story and invite others to help people help themselves.

Next Friday, September 25th at noon we are going to share our new site and then, most importantly, share the different ways you can join and participate in the good work of so many. Join us. It only takes a few seconds to register.

Click here to register.


from David Albert, Olympia Friends Meeting (9/18/2020)