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Daily Practice

This past year, I started coming to grips with the fact that I am not a political scientist; I am not a sociologist. I have finally, after more than a decade, let go of some of those college textbooks. I accept that I will never rewrite the thesis I should have written for Poli-Sci. I am not a debater. I am not a diplomat. As it turns out, I am a musician.

On Music (March 2018)

Essential Listening

It is often said that music is a language; some say it is the universal language. As with any language, the spaces are essential. Without spaces on the printed page or pauses in speaking, we couldn’t understand what is being said. Likewise, silence is the canvas we paint our music upon.

On Music (March 2018)

Into Beauty

Drawings by Laurie Childers (lauriechilders.com), who is a musician, artist, and member of Corvallis Friends Meeting in Corvallis, OR (NPYM).

On Music (March 2018)

Musical Ministry

an interview with Anna Fritz by Natalie Ramsland

On Music (March 2018)