Season One Complete



I have now completed fifteen videos for the digital ministry. That’s a lot of coffee while waiting to upload videos.

Click here to view Season One.

I will take a hiatus until July 2022 when the second season of filming will begin.

This YouTube ministry has broadened my view of both (1) technology and (2) “public theology.”

Unlike many voices on YouTube, I do not write a script and generally don’t have any blocked-out segments. Usually, I have a rather cloudy idea about the topic and which location might suit such a discussion.

I think there is much room for a minimal, simplistic style of video production. The medium of YouTube was meant to “democratize” digital voices. What has occurred instead, however, is that a vast machine of hyper-production and algorithm-led material has significantly skewed how the platform is used. It need not be so.

Let us all walk through the fire to refine our God-given talents,

Blessings, Zae 


from Zae Illo, San Francisco Friends Meeting (4/25/2022)