Scope of Quaker Involvement in Indian Boarding Schools


It's a very big job to examine the archives of all the yearly meetings of the different branches of Quakerism, and discover the ways each one promoted or supported or operated Indigenous boarding schools. That's why [the Toward Right Relationship project of Friends Peace Teams is] asking each yearly meeting to undertake this research for itself. All the YMs that were in existence in the 19th and early 20th centuries probably supported the Quaker Indigenous schools in some way, whether the schools were close by or far away. Quakers operated schools for Indigenous children in these states: NY, NC, OH, IN, IA, NE, KS, OK, AK. Many of the Quaker schools also received federal funding for periods of time. The Department of the Interior's investigation will focus on these financial arrangements as well as on the identities of the Native students and what happened to them, including their treatment in the schools, illnesses, deaths, and burials

The attached model minute has been endorsed by Friends Peace Teams, Decolonizing Quakers, and Quaker Earthcare Witness. We would like to ask all the yearly meetings that supported or operated Quaker Indigenous schools during the 19th and early 20th centuries to reflect on this model minute, discuss it, and discern a Spirit-led response. As you are led, please forward it to clerks, general secretaries, Indigenous Affairs committees and others.

from Paula Palmer, Boulder Friends Meeting (6/2/2022)