Resources for Climate Action

Dear Friends worldwide,

We are sending you recent Quaker resources on climate change.  Please feel free to share out, print, send feedback, etc!

  • The most recent version of A Government Official’s Toolkit Inspiring Urgent Climate Action – 166 direct quotes from recent research worldwide, divided into 12 brief ‘cases’.  This booklet was created to help empower people when talking with their local/national decision makers on what is happening, why, and what we can do urgently to help:
  • And finally!  Friends World Committee for Consultation has prepared two films about Quakers and sustainability/climate change – one of Quakers voices across the world, and one of a shared concern across different Quaker theological communities in the USA: . For those wishing to show this latter film to their Meetings, we can link you to guiding questions for discussion.

In peace,

Lindsey and Justine


from Lindsey Fielder Cook, Representative for Climate Change, QUNO (7/4/2019)