Recordings – Black Quaker Lives Film Festival


Dear F/friends,

We at the Black Quaker Project are excited to release all recorded fora for the 2022 Black Quaker Lives Matter Film Festival and Forum. All recordings are now available on both our website and Vimeo and will be available on YouTube later this week. In each video you will be able to view a pre-screening event introduction by Dr. Harold D. (Hal) Weaver, a post-screening dialogue between our guest experts (facilitated by Dr. Weaver), an audience Q & A, and closing remarks.  For our 26 February and 12 March programs, you will also be able to view a postscript delivered by senior research assistant, Su Spina, on topics which our ministry has advocated for through publications and other presentations: reparatory/retrospective justice and the importance of the justice testimony to Quakers. 

Click here to access festival-forum recordings.

We note that these recordings do not include the corresponding films screened at all festival events. The page does include webinar chats and links for all publicly available films featured in the 2022 forum.

from Dr. Harold D. (Hal) Weaver, Wellesley Friends Meeting (5/11/2022)