Recipe for The Convener


Here in Lafayette, Colorado I have a favorite coffee shop (Brew) where I like to sit and do work. It has a nice, open floorplan and a friendly atmosphere. In the summertime, I don’t always want a hot beverage to nurse throughout the morning, so I’ll look at the cold drinks. I’m not a huge fan of straight iced coffee, and many specialty drinks are just too rich to drink often. This establishment did have one drink that was hard to resist, however, a coffee, chocolate, and banana concoction called "The Preacher." I believe the shop is somewhat associated with a local large church, as there are often meetings there about church business.

I kept thinking about this drink and what would be a somewhat healthier, Quaker equivalent of The Preacher that would honor an important position within any Friends organization. After much experimentation (well two or three tries anyway), I humbly present . . . The Convener!

I added a calorie count like any self-respecting coffee shop would do – (whole recipe/one serving)

The Convener
  • 1 frozen banana (100/50 cal)
  • 1/3 cup plain Greek or Icelandic non-fat yogurt (~50/25 cal depending on brand)
  • 2 Tbsp defatted chocolate peanut butter powder (50/25 cal)
  • 1 cup COLD strong coffee (0 cal)
  • Option 1 – Add 1 tsp instant coffee for more coffee kick

It is important that all ingredients stay cold to give it a thicker, creamier feel.

Blend all ingredients in your favorite blender, pour in a chilled glass if possible and serve with a dash of your favorite sweet spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, apple pie or pumpkin pie spice).

  • Option 2 – Sprinkle 1 Tbsp roasted crushed pecans on top (88/44 cal)

Serves two, because they say you can’t have a Quaker meeting with just one person.

from Marc Gacy, Boulder Friends Meeting (6/3/2022)