Quaker Sermon at Glide Memorial


Hello Family,

I am a firm believer in wide-net, out on the edge ministry.  Friends are rather saddled with both demographic and cultural limitations that might limit the “reach” of our testimonies.   For the past three years, I have participated in Bible study and food ministries at Glide (formerly Methodist) church in the Tenderloin of San Francisco.

Recently, I was invited to be a guest preacher.  After consultation with my anchor committee, I accepted.

Each guest preacher delivers the sermon for both the 9AM and 11AM services.

The video on this page is from the 11AM service:

Let us all face the fears which accompany new revelation,

in celestial power, Zae

[Zae's message begins at timestamp 1:19:53.]


22.04.10 - Sunday Celebration - 11 AM