One Conscientious Objector


Dear Editor,

Waging Nonviolence just published my book review of a memoir by Francesco Da Vinci, I Refuse to Kill: My Path to Nonviolent Action in the 1960s. The memoir recounts Francesco's long struggle to become recognized as a conscientious objector during the US war in Vietnam. During that period, he moved from the east coast to Berkeley and then to San Diego, where he started a peace group called Non Violent Action. His memoir includes reminiscences of the group's work leafletting and counseling draftees and opposing the re-deployment of a San Diego-based US warship to Vietnam.

The many references in the book to Quakers, especially West Coast Quakers, might make it of interest to readers of Western Friend.

Click here to read my review of I Refuse to Kill.

from Arnie Alpert, emeritus AFSC New Hampshire Program Director (1/15/2022)