Nonviolent Resistance to a Coup


I thought Friends should know about this message from Bruce Birchard, former General Secretary of Friends General Conference (1992-2011) and former Disarmament Coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee (1984-1992):

A small group of Quakers and other activists is preparing materials to widely disseminate for training for nonviolent resistance to any attempts by persons who would interfere with our democratic electoral process or who would attempt to hold onto power regardless of the results of a fair count of all ballots in the presidential election.

We are NOT forming an organization, or even a coalition, to move this forward. There is no time for that. Rather, we seek to be the source for carefully thought-out training materials and advice on how to most effectively resist a coup attempt using proven nonviolent strategies and tactics.

We have created a new website:

There you can read a brief description of our effort and sign our 4-point pledge. When you sign, you will automatically be on the list to receive further information, or to request the opportunity to join a “Training for Trainers” program. Let’s work together to save our democracy.

from Claire Gorfinkel, Orange Grove Friends Meeting (9/8/2020)