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Woolman Seeks Executive Director

Published: Sept. 10, 2021


SEEKING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: A unique job opportunity is open for an experienced person who is ready to lead a cherished institution. Based in the California Sierra Nevada foothills, Woolman’s mission is to both inspire and prepare individuals to work for peace, justice, and environmental sustainability, and to deepen their personal and spiritual growth. Continuing its six-decade legacy as a hub for Quaker values, Woolman offers diverse educational and enrichment programs at the 240-acre Sierra Friends Center campus, a unique environment where youth, campers and guests can study, practice, reflect and renew as they are immersed in nature, with simple accommodations, meeting spaces, and a working farm that provides fresh organic food. Woolman is seeking an experienced Executive Director who will lead the organization to long term financial sustainability, with a renewed campus and innovative, mission-centric programs that respect our legacy while leveraging future possibilities. 

Woolman Programs include transformative workshops, camps and retreats for people of all ages, in groups or as individuals. Activities at Woolman at Sierra Friends Center are guided by core values of simplicity, nonviolence, truth speaking, silence, service, and a belief in the human spirit while surrounded by the physical, mental and spiritual healing power of nature. We practice radical acceptance, treating each person with dignity and respect. This is an educational institution based on Quaker values but we are not a religious organization. Being a member of the Society of Friends is not a requirement of the job.

Interested or know someone who might be? Contact Sarah Noyes: [email protected] 

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