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Woodbrooke Center to Move Online

Published: March 3, 2023


In its 120-year history Woodbrooke has grown and changed to meet the changing needs of Quakers both in Britain and further afield. From its initial conception as a one-year experiment, Woodbrooke has enabled thousands of Quakers to learn together as part of a much-valued Quaker community, supported by a dedicated team of staff, associate tutors and volunteers.

After careful discernment Woodbrooke Trustees have decided the time is now right for a new chapter in Woodbrooke’s history. Our intention is to allow Woodbrooke to focus on its founding purpose of fostering the vital ministry of Friends and transition responsibility for the buildings and grounds of The Woodbrooke Centre to our trusted partners at Bournville Village Trust.

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from Ingrid Greenhow, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (2/28/2023)