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What to Do about Concentration Camps?

Published: July 4, 2019

Dear Friends,

I came home to a disturbing number of articles in the mainstream media today (6/25/2019) , e.g. PBS, CBS, etc., about U.S. concentration camps holding children and families in inhumane conditions. 





The news isn't surprising, given the treatment of migrants that Friends have witnessed. What is surprising is the mainstream media is now calling out the inhumane treatment of children and families with the "c" word.

What are good Quaker responses? What is a human response in a country and at a time when so many issues are pressing, and so much media and Internet chatter? 

Here's one organization, Lawyers for Good Government, that is raising money to send lawyers to defend migrant children and families:


What are other organizations and ways to educate, inform, and advocate? Local, national and international broad-based marches, akin to Pride? Other ideas?

In peace and solidarity,



from Suzanne Simons, Olympia Friends Meeting (6/25/2019)