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What color is divine light?

Published: July 7, 2023


Dear Friends,

As a member of the Hawaii Handweavers Hui, I get their monthly newsletter. The July issue included a link to an artist's exhibition at the Textile Museum in Washington D.C. The exhibition by Anne Lindberg is entitled "What color is divine light?" They have produced a short video (<5 min.), which I found to be wonderful. I hope you enjoy it - I certainly did!

Click here to watch the video.

Here is the gallery’s description of this piece: “Contemporary artist Anne Lindberg’s immersive installation transforms light and thread into a site for contemplation and reflection on connections with ourselves, communities, and individual conceptions of the divine. A series of programs within the gallery bring community members together for shared experiences designed to foster understanding and transcendence.”

from Suzanne Marinelli, Honolulu Friends Meeting (7/7/2023)