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We Must Do MORE

Published: Sept. 4, 2020


I just took an online training with the Poor People’s Campaign to help get out the vote this fall, and get people to complete the census. They are asking faith groups to take their Prophetic Pledge. I am hoping that Quaker meetings in the West will sign onto the pledge and commit to getting out the vote and getting people to complete the census.

If we are going to show the power of poor and low-income people when we organize and vote together for a common agenda, we must engage in mass outreach among poor and low-income people and all people of conscience across this country.

The prophetic pledge is a call for at least 1000 faith and community organizations to come together and pledge to each register 1000 people to vote.

Faith and community organizations that sign on to the prophetic pledge are signing on to help build a movement that votes and build the power we need to hold our elected officials accountable to the policies that the people are demanding.

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from Kitty Mizuno, Live Oak (8/29/2020)