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Update from Honduras

Published: Dec. 4, 2020


Well, I guess Honduras is getting a bit back to normal after the hurricanes.  The flooding has gone down in some places, but is being reinforced in others by fresh rain.

The media had been just working to keep spirits up – lots of stories about rescues, public employees and volunteers working together, etc., etc.  The underlying message:  You are not alone and Hondurans are busy helping Hondurans.

Hondurans living in the USA collected 20 tons of useful supplies.  The Honduran navy sent a ship to Miami to carry them home.  The ship could carry 450 tons.  But that's the ship they had, so that's the ship they used.

Today for the first time, La Prensa (newspaper--now available on ine) reported some negatives:  The UN came and said the shelters need lots of improvement , like water for washing and drinking, like sanitary service, like 3 instead of 2 meals a day, like bedding and maybe even sleeping mats--that kind of thing. 

But most remarkable of all, after weeks of nothing but hurricane news, COVID is back in the news.  

The best soccer player in the world (in his time) died.  Soccer is big here, so even during the hurricanes, that has had exhaustive coverage.  The newspaper would never have gained forgiveness from Hondurans if they hadn't covered it well.

This should have been the time for primaries in national elections, with the election held in November 2021.  That has wisely been deferred due to COVID.  In my opinion, the sitting president is illegal, but this is no time for a campaign.

Good news here in the monastery.  We have received enough donations to install the solar power to support the public health clinic laboratory.  I am learning more and will probably be ordering a slightly different set-up than I had thought was appropriate in August.

Also, I continue to gain endurance.  I am so grateful.

Blessings to you, Friends.

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from Hermana Alegría, Amigas del Señor Monastery, Limón, Colón, Honduras (12/3/2020)