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Two New Books from Our Friends

Published: June 18, 2021


O' Little Town of Bellingham

Dear Friends: I am about to release the second book in my series, Grandpa Rufus Stories, about a six-year-old Quaker boy growing up in the wake of the Second World War. In the second book in the series, O' Little Town of Bellingham, Rufus tries to adjust to “the real world” of the city, after spending all his young life in a close-knit Quaker community in rural Iowa. Encountering prejudice again and again, Rufus finds the ways he's been taught to deal with challenges fail him, and he gets into a fist fight--his first ever, and, he hopes, his last.

Click here for more information about this book series.

from Mary Hansen, Bellingham Friends Meeting (6/17/2021)


What Sayest Thou?

Dear Friends: I’ve published a new book, What Sayest Thou? – A History of the Walla Walla Friends Meeting.

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from Daniel N. Clark, Walla Walla Friends Meeting (6/18/2021)