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Touched by God

Published: Feb. 17, 2023


Presentation by the Worship and Ministry Committee of Honolulu Friends Meeting

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #338: Touched by God (1998)
by Kenneth Carroll

Sunday, March 19, 2023
11:30 AM Hawaii = 2:30 PM Pacific = 3:30 PM Mountain
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Kenneth Carroll's writing grew out of two talks given in 1997-98. Originally, he was asked to speak on the New Testament or on early Quaker history, but a "burning" led him to talk on "God Spoke to Us [Touched Us] in Quaker Meeting." How can God speak to us in Quaker Meeting? This very readable 17-page pamphlet is a sincere attempt to shine a Light on a very important question. If possible, please read it in advance of the presentation.

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from Ted Siedlecki & Aron Teel, Honolulu Friends Meeting