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Three New Videos from Right Sharing

Published: May 11, 2023


Dear Friends,

We are excited to release three videos in our series on the work of Right Sharing. These are the work of Quaker filmmaker and musician Jon Watts. Jon traveled to three partner countries with our General Secretary Jackie Stillwell to gather footage for this series. 


Amplifying the Voices of Women in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is widely considered one of the poorest countries in the world. But Sallian Sankoh, RSWR’s Sierra Leone Country Coordinator, will be the first to tell you that the country is rich with resilient women ready to change their lives and strengthen their families. Right Sharing provides training, funding, and community building opportunities that equip women in Sierra Leone to transform their communities.

Click here to watch the video.


Equipping Women in India with Life-Changing Tools

“I wish all women who are suffering could be supported to develop their own businesses and livelihood”. Every year RSWR supports women like Sathya, a RSWR partner in Tamil Nadu, India. With her savings, a loan funded by an RSWR grant, and her own ingenuity, Sathya purchased a loom to launch her weaving business. She went from earning 100 rupees a day to earning 500-600 rupees per day, enough money to send her children to school.

Click here to watch the video.


The Seeds of Violence in Our Consumption

In this video, Max Carter, RSWR Board Member, encourages us to identify and address the seeds of violence in the way we consume. In an interconnected world, our daily choices can either improve or diminish the quality of life of others. Join Right Sharing in working for the equitable distribution of world resources.

Click here to watch the video.


from Caitlin Churchill, Right Sharing of World Resources (5/7/2023)