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Thee Quaker Project - A Conversation

Published: Jan. 13, 2023


Jon Watts in conversation

Hosted by San Francisco Friends Meeting
Sunday, January 15, 2023
1:00 PM Pacific = 2:00 PM Mountain

Jon is a singer, songwriter, media creator, and the founder of QuakerSpeak, for which he produced weekly videos for 6 years. Jon will be talking with us about what Quakerism might look like in the 21stcentury. He has come to clearness on his next steps, and has founded a online venture, “Thee Quaker Project.” This project invites us to “look to the next generation of Friends, innovate the way we tell our stories, and ensure that the torchlight of the Religious Society of Friends stays strong and visible, even and especially through times of upheaval.”

Click here for more about Thee Quaker Project.

This will be Jon’s only stop in the Bay Area during this trip to California. Quakers in nearby meetings are welcome to come to the San Francisco meetinghouse at 65 Ninth Street (between Mission and Market Streets, near the Civic Center BART station) for this gathering.

Everyone is welcome to attend by joining via Zoom.

Write to request log-in details from:  welcoming[AT]sfquakers[org]

from Krista Barnard, San Francisco Friends Meeting