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The Reparations Underground Market

Published: March 25, 2022


Douglas Tsoi, a long-time Quaker who previously attended Multnomah Meeting, has recently started an innovative approach to racial justice. It's called the Reparations Underground Market (rumpdx.com). It works online by people like you signing up to offer services as donations. Others purchase those services online and the money goes to certain carefully selected organizations that are dedicated to countering racism and addressing the impacts of racism. The person offering a service can select one of several organizations to receive 50% of the funds. The other 50% goes where it's most needed at the time. Friends for Racial Justice of Multnomah Meeting heartily endorses this online market. Visit rumpdx.com to either shop for or offer a service.

Click here to visit the Reparations Underground Market


from Lori Patterson and Lou Scholl, Multnomah Monthly Meeting (3/19/2022)