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Ted Harlan Smith Memorial

Published: Jan. 8, 2021


Dear Friends and Family of Edward “Ted” Harlan Smith,

Celebrating the life of our friend Ted will be our joyful time of remembrance. Ted experienced our world as a speaker of spiritual truth, champion of the United Nations‘ efforts toward peace and equal rights, builder of community, and as a steward of nature.

Please join us:

Saturday, January 23, 2021
2 PM Pacific = 3 PM Mountain

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Ted's memorial will be held as a Quaker Meeting for Memorial.  As a community who knew Ted, we will gather in silence to remember and celebrate his life.  We will come to share our memories, thoughts, and feelings.  Friends (or Quakers) believe that there is that of God in everyone.  In our Meeting for Memorial we seek to mark that of God that lived in Ted and to affirm those things we now carry with us.

After a period of settling in to the quiet, we will share some of Ted’s favorite songs, led by Mary and Gordon Starr. Chamba Cooke will then introduce the Meeting for Worship.  As we sit in expectant silence, you may be moved to share a message.  You may be moved to share prayers, poems, anecdotes or a song.  When you share, please do so without undue length, being mindful that others may also be moved.  Everyone participates equally, whether or not you feel like sharing anything out loud. After each person shares, we allow the silence to enfold us before another person shares.

After worship, a photo video will be presented by Peter O’Rourke, and there will be time for sharing more stories of remembrance.

We look forward to gathering with you at this special time for honoring Ted’s life.  

from Amy Cooke, Grass Valley Friends Meeting (to be 1/23/2021)