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Teaching English to Guatemalans

Published: Sept. 17, 2021


Dear friends of Progresa,

We learned a lot from last year’s first attempt using Zoom and trust that this year we’ll be even more successful with both teachers and students.  We are aware that most of our students are at a basic level of spoken English, and thus we are preparing lessons that will better accommodate their levels.  (All of our students have studied English in school -- but without any oral practice.)  To assist them, Progresa staff members have offered to do some preparatory work with our students prior to the program.

Using Zoom was a learning experience for everyone.  This year we will have a few pre-sessions for teachers, one of which will be devoted to Zoom and all the tools you can employ when you are one-on-one with your student.  (At this point, we’ve not decided on the dates for the pre-sessions.)    We’ll be using Pinterest once again and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the numerous materials on it.

Click here to find our materials on Pinterest.

If you, or someone you know, wants to join us for our Volunteer Teaching English program, please fill out the application below.

Please apply by October 25, 2021.  
Email your application to progresa3[AT]gmail[DOT]com

We request a $300 donation to Progresa for this year’s fun and games online with our family in Guatemala.  A DRAFT version of this year’s schedule is also included below; feel free to share this with potential new teachers.

from Donna Smith, Redwood Forest Meeting (9/16/2021)