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Support Our Agricultural Workers

Published: May 15, 2020


In many parts of California, farmers are undercutting produce and letting their crops go fallow. Not only is it concerning that so much food is going to waste, it also brings up concerns about the welfare of our migrant farmworkers. If there are no crops that need attending to, there is no work for them. If there is no work there is no money. Many agricultural workers do not qualify for benefits and services under the government and rely solely on private charity or the United Farm Workers for assistance.

The San Jose Monthly Meeting contributed $500 to an attender Christina Dunbar’s campaign to bring necessities to these folks and their families, bringing the total of supplies donated to almost $2,000. The economic-fall out of this pandemic will most likely affect us all, but it will also hurt our most vulnerable members disproportionately. This action is likely to be repeated in the future.

To support this action, contact Christina at: christinahd91-AT-gmail-DOT-com

from Christina Dunbar, San Jose Monthly Meeting (05/09/2020)