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Sunrise Movement Supporter Circles

Published: May 8, 2020


University Friends Meeting's Peace & Social Concerns Committee is seasoning a proposal to form a "Supporters' Circle" for the local Sunrise groups. Here's an excerpt from a Sunrise Movement planning document:

What is a Supporter Circle?

Supporter Circles are local groups of 5-15 people, consisting of folks who are 35+. Supporter Circles meet weekly to lend their support to the Sunrise Movement. Anyone over the age of 35 can sign up to host a small group of people in their community through the six-week program.

How it works: Supporter Circles work together to support the movement to demand the Green New Deal. Supporter Circle members do two things each week: Meeting (and discussing weekly readings, like a book club!) and Supporting. "

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from Jonathan Betz-Zall, University Friends Meeting, Seattle (5/2/2020)